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Platt's Lane Estates
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Community Initiatives
Recycling Program

Sort recyclables into 2 streams:


For other waste, please see FOG waste information below.

FOG Diversion Program

Housing at Western is pleased to announce our participation in a pilot project to reduce the level of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that end up in sanitary sewers.

To participate, simply

  1. Get a YourTurn cup from the rental office
  2. Pour your FOG waste into the cup
  3. Keep cup in your fridge until it's full
  4. Throw out full cup with your garbage

Did you know? Gravies, salad dressing, dairy products, soups, butter and margarine are all common forms of household FOG. For more information, please visit

Rental Application

Western University is becoming smoke free!
Effective July 1, 2018 smoking will only be permitted in six designated smoking areas on campus. In July 2019 the campus will become completely smoke free. This will include Platt's Lane Estates.

Townhouses & Apartments
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University Apartments
The University Apartments are focused on providing accommodations to upper year single students, while Platt's Lane Estates provides accommodations for students with families.
Check out our University Apartments website