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Platt's Lane Estates
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Eligibility & Unit Assignment
Who can live at Platt's Lane?

Accommodations at Platt's Lane Estates are available to upper-year students, graduate students and students with families.

Financial Eligibility Requirements

All students must have personal and/or family incomes below the income ceiling set by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation during the lease period.

Priority in Offering of Accommodations

Priority is given to:

Students with families
Platt's Lane Estates offers Western's only family-friendly accommodations, therefore students with families are given priority over single students. Single students are encouraged to apply to the University Apartments.

Full-time students
A full-time undergraduate is defined by the Registrar as a student taking at least three and one half courses between September and April. Courses taken in the summer are not applicable.

Additionally, the date for which accommodation is required, the date the application is received and the size of the family applying for each unit will further determine priority for every applicant's request for accommodation.

Priority in Unit Assignment

Priority in renting one-bedroom apartments is given to couples without children.

The two-bedroom apartments and townhouses may be occupied by couples without children, single parents with children or couples with children, with the following provisions:

  1. The first floor two-bedroom apartments will be offered initially to applicants with children.
  2. The townhouses will be offered initially to applicants with children.
  3. The three-bedroom townhouses will be offered initially to applicants with two or more children.
Rental Application

Western University is becoming smoke free!
Effective July 1, 2018 smoking will only be permitted in six designated smoking areas on campus. In July 2019 the campus will become completely smoke free. This will include Platt's Lane Estates.

Townhouses & Apartments
Link: Interior Photos & Layouts. Check it out!
Link: Virtual Tour of an Apartment. Check it out!
University Apartments
The University Apartments are focused on providing accommodations to upper year single students, while Platt's Lane Estates provides accommodations for students with families.
Check out our University Apartments website